The next dimension in Running
This is the next dimension in running.

You will get a holistic approach to your bodys alignment and coordination.
With that, you will learn at lightspeed optimising your body and running style.
Improvements of several minutes per sessions have been

Single Session

min. 120 min.
150,- Euro

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Basic Training

Probe Sitzung

Donnerstag - Sonntag
430,- Euro
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min. 30 min.
30,- Euro

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Water and its effects
on your body and performance.

Water has an profound effect on your body and all cells and tissues. So its very important, that the water you drink is completely in alignment with your mental and physical setup.
Unfortunately, there are several mineral waters, that are not healthy and recommendable.

But naming those here, would cause us some trouble.

In special sessions we design the complete individual water for your body and mind,
that supports your physical and mental well being the most.

Individual water session (2-3 hrs.):
220,- Euro.

You can choose:
1. water for your daily life.
2. water for your training.
3. water for a special competition.

You will be able to produce and re-produce this
water yourself. Since you are individual in every
aspect of your body, cells and mental setup, this
specially designed water is mostly only for you.

Get the next dimension in

healing your body :

7 days - 950,- Euro
14 days - 1950,- Euro
jetzt buchen.

Injuries and wounds are the biggest setbacks for athletes.
Up till now, mostly physical approaches have been applied to heal the body.
Now you can start into the next dimension.
Every injury also has an emotional and mental aspect. If you learn to
heal those, your body will be in complete new shape and fitter than before.

Get the next dimension to be a
DAO Lauf-Trainer:

It all starts with 5 individual sessions.
And later is a yearlong training.
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